Can I change my Order?

You can change you order as long as we have not shipped your order. As soon as your order was shipped we can not change your order anymore. In this case you can send items from your order back or you can place a new order. Click here, to learn more about our return guarantee.

It is possible to add items to your order or to change items within or cancel certain items or the whole order. You can combine several separate orders to one order. If there are any subsequent deliveries you can order a replacement item for the not immediately available item.

For each order which you place in our onlineshop you will receive an confirmation by email with a 10-digit order-id. To assign your change request to the correct order we need in every case the complete order-id(s).

If you would like to change you order, to add or to cancel it, we always need the order-id and the product-id plus the respective colours and sizes (if applicable). Please note pay attention to possible changes of shipping costs and delivery times.

How you can combine several orders, you will get to know here.

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