Embroideries, Imprints and other custom made Items

Detailed explanations and informationen for embroideries you will get here.

Is an individual embroidery with other than the designs in your shop possible?

In principle, yes..

As prices may vary, we recommend to ask for an individual offer before. Not always we can realize your ideas, might it be for technical reasons or because the material does not allow certain embroideries. Here you will get additional information on embroideries.

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What are the delivery times of embroidered items / custom made products?

The final delivery time will primarly depend on the order situation.

As for embroideries and flockings the regular delivery time is 2-3 weeks from the date of order. Imprints often don't need that long.

As mat-areas are mainly produced on demand, the regular shipping time is 3-4 weeks, at bigger orders it might take 4-6 weeks.

In most cases delivery times are shorter than the given periods. For technical reasons we can not speedup the handling of your order. Imprints by "quick service" are impossible. Please refrain from such inquiries.

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Why don't you accept orders by phone for individual embroideries, imrprints and other similar orders?

Especially at oral transmission of your order as e.g. by phone it might happen, that important information are mistaken. Furthermore your imagination may differ from our idea and you get something other than you wanted to. Sometimes people say one thing but mean something completely different.

To avoid any disputes from the very beginning and to have something each party can rely on at a possible complaint, we must ask for your order in writing. It is for your safety as it is for ours.

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Which information do you expect?

Please describe all individual orders as detailed as possible, to avoid any misunderstanding. Thus we can handle your order much faster.

A short example of ordering a belt embroidery shall clearify what we mean, what information we need. A customer writes to us:

"I would like to embroider my belt with the characters for karate and my name."

Out of this short information the following questions arise:

  1. Which belt (product id)?
  2. Which belt length?
  3. Which belt colour?
  4. Which karate embroidery (product id)?
  5. Which colour of the embroidery for the karate design?
  6. Which font style do you prefer for the karate embroidery?
  7. On which side of the belt would you like to have the embroidery?
  8. On which side of the belt do you wish the name embroidery?
  9. Which colour do you prefer for the name embroidery?
  10. In which font style do you want your name?
  11. In which direction do you wish the embroidery (horizontally or vertically)?

As you may see, there are too many possibilities which makes it nearly impossible to integrate a suitable form in  the ordering process. We ask you to use either the order form where you can leave a detailed description of your embroidery wish or you send us a these information in separate email after you have finished your order (please include your order-id). Best would be if you reply to our oder confirmation to explain your embroidery as detailed as possible.

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Can I return embroidered, imprinted or flocked items if I'm not satisfied with?

No. Any custom made item is excluded from return as those items are made according your specifiactions. To resell such items causes extremely high costs. Thus the legislator has excluded a right of withdrawal / revocation for any custom designed items.

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