Payment by Prepayment / Deposit

In individual cases we deliver only by prepayment (cash in advance). Of course you can pay in advance by your own. Customers from Germany we recommend payment by direct debit. As for customers from other companies payment by credit card or PayPal is our recommendation. In case we ask for deposit or prepayment, when processing your order or you decided to pay by prepayment, we will send you an pro-forma invoice by e-mail besides your order-confirmation. At money transfer please always give the 10-digit order-id as application purpose. After payment of the invoice the order will be delivered to you.

You would like to order quick and as comfortable as possible? Watch out, online-banker: You will find all necessary information in the order confirmation. Thus you can pay your invoice on electronic way convenient from your home. It couldn't be easier!

At high order values as well as individual manufacturings you will have to make with ordering a deposit of up to 50% of the order value. In such cases you are informed by us first of all by email. In those cases we recommend to pay by direct debit within Germany. Read more about, why we recommend payment by direct debit.

Do you live abroad? You don't have a credit card and you don't like to pay by cash on delivery? In such cases prepayment could be the solution for you. Please use our national / international bank account details as given below. If you live abroad, please use only our international bank account. Already since July, 1st 2003 all banks are obliged to charge for money transfers within the European Union by usage of an international bank account the same fees as for money transfers within the resident country of the bank.

Our Bank Account in Germany:

name of bank Postbank Berlin, Hallesches Ufer 60, D-10963 Berlin
account holder Budoten Limited
bank account number 673 606 106
bank identifier code 100 100 10

Our customers from abroad as well as those who already use SEPA should use the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and the associated BIC (Bank Identifier Code). Please use this bank account details only for money transfer from outside Germany:

name of bank Postbank Berlin, Hallesches Ufer 60, D-10963 Berlin
account holder Budoten Limited
IBAN DE80 1001 0010 0673 6061 06

Please note: Even if certain items of your order are not immediately available, you will have to pay the full order total as long as you don't cancel those items. This is finally an other mode of prepayment.
Only when paying by direct debit or credit card we charge only those items which are really shipped. For this reason we always recommend direct debit or credit card as mode of payment.

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