Payment by Cheque

You can order your invoice by cheque. Send us a cash cheque about the order total. Please note, that any side custs are charged on to you. Paying by cheque will slow down your order as we do not send your items until your cheque is received and the cheque was accepted by the bank. If you are in Germany, paying by personal cheque typically delays your order by about 7 to 10 working days. If we cannot deliver all ordered items, we send you a refund cheque for the difference. They will be delivered only after cheque acceptance from our account.

Please note: Even if certain items of your order are not immediately available, you will have to pay the full order total as long as you don't cancel those items. This is finally an other mode of prepayment.
Only when paying by direct debit or credit card we charge only those items which are really shipped. For this reason we always recommend direct debit or credit card as mode of payment.

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