Wrong Goods

Where there are working humans, mistakes never might be totally excluded. Therefore it might happen from time to time, that you get wrong goods. Please inform us immediately, that we can do organize an quick and uncomplicated return. We will make sure that the necessary steps are taken.

As a matter of principle: There is the same right of withdrawal as it is with the originally ordered goods. Furthermore you have a right on warranty, i.e. remedying the defect in this case delivery of the correct item. (This applies exclusively to cases as described in § 241a Abs. 2 BGB)

Costs of return for wrongly delivered goods shall bear Budoten. Please ask for a return label if you live in Germany: info@budoten.com.

Compensation when exercising the Right of Withdrawal

If you order for instance a book, you can look at and examine it, as it is possible in the book shop. But if you read the book, you can not expect with reference to the right of withdrawal a full price refund anymore. The right of withdrawal allows you to test the good, but not to use it. By reading a book, possibly by marking passages, you are taking profit out of the content. You had been starting "using the book". This entitles the merchant to a compensation which might go up to 100%. In such cases we will refund therefore in compliance with the right of withdrawal the price minus a possible depreciation.

This applies to other cases too. You can examine the goods. As soon as you start using them the merchant is entitled to a compensation. If you wash a new uniform, start to practise with the new equipment, there is a right of compensation according the right of withdrawal, if you exercise afterwards your right of withdrawal ...

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