Exchange / Several Sizes for Trying on Clothes / Sale or Return

There are always questions by our customers who worry about if they can change the size, if a uniform doesn't fit ... what is, if the package was damaged, whether they can return the goods or not

as a matter of principle:

The right of withdrawal for consumers is intended to compensate the disadvantage, the customer has as he can not try and check the clothes in a store.

Several Sizes / Trying Clothes / Sale or Return

If you are not sure about the correct size, you can order two sizes. The size which doesn't fit you can always send back. Many uniforms are quite spacious as they will shrink at the first washing. Shoes for training might be bought often a size smaller, as there are usually worn no socks and the normal sizes are often spacious as well.

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What happens if the package was damaged?

In general your right of withdrawal is not effected if the package was damaged (except cases of § 312d Abs. 4 BGB*). But a damaged packing could cause claims on compensation. The packing is part of the product. If the packing is damaged or missing, we can not sell the products as "new" anymore. But your right of examining the goods is not restricted, you just have to take care when opening the packing that it is not damaged and might be reused.

You shall never use the product packing as shipping package. Regardless of whether the package is damaged or not, it is usually never sufficient to protect the goods in transport from damage.

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What about the shipping costs in case of delivery to non-consumers?

When placing your order you make two contracts:

a purchase contract for the ordered goods and

a contract for delivery of the ordered goods

If you cancel the purchase contract by using your right of withdrawal and the goods are sent back to us or you would like to exchange / replace them, the delivery contract is not effected. The delivery was carried out and can neither be canceled nor be undone.

As for consumers:

The right of withdrawal effects the whole contract of sale, if all items are sent back.

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What will I have to do to change goods?

Detailed information on your right of withdrawal and handling of returns you will find here: Our Return Guarantee in compliance with the Right of Withdrawal

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*Excerpt from § 312d sect. 4 BGB

The right of withdrawal does not apply to distance selling contracts for:

1. delivery of goods specifically produced to the customer's specifications, or are clearly fitted for individual needs, or are not suitable for return shipment due to their characteristics, or an expiration date has passed,

2. delivery of video/audio recording or software if the original seal was broken by the customer,

3. delivery of newspapers, magazines ...

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