Secure Shopping - Guaranteed

Protection of your personal data is of highest priority for us. None of our customers ever reported a fraudulent use of his bank or credit card details due to an order at Budoten.

Security Guarantees for all Transactions

  1. Our software on the secure server will encrypt your personal data as payment details, name, address etc. Thus unauthorized persons can not read these information. All data will be converted into code which can be transferred securely via the internet.

  2. At fraudulent usage of your credit card / bank account most banks will cover the costs or limit your liability to 50 EUR. We will cover your liability up to 50 EUR, if the fraudulent usage of your credit card or bank account is direct result of a purchase at Budoten or was caused by an mistake on our side.

  3. All payment details are located on a computer, which is not connected with the internet. Your credit card or bank account details will be saved at this computer after sending these information to us via our website, phone or fax by means of a one-way interface. Access to this computer via network or modem is not possible. Excepted from a backup your data are not saved anywhere else.

  4. With the purchase protection online shopping is as safe as shopping home round the corner. But you may profit from all the other advantages of shopping in the interenet: comfort, bargain prices, huge supply and a quick price evaluation. read more...

Details on collection and storage of personal data you will find in our data protection policy.

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Verified and Certified Security

Our own wide ranged security guarantees are verified and certified by independent certification institutes. They had been evaluating our liability and compliance with the requirements concerning the high standards for data protection and data security which are verified by the respective trust logos you will find in our shop. Those certifications institutes do not only check the compliance with the minimum legal requirements. Rather the shop is required to meet much higher stringent requirements.

Trusted Shops Gütesiegel - Bitte hier klicken. Logo Click to Verify Austrian E-Commerce Label

Click the trust logo to verify.

We canceled our cooperation with Trusted Shops in June 2011, as Trusted Shops was trying to influence our range of products. more information
Therefore, we don't offer the Trusted Shops money-back-guarantee anymore. As alternative we recommend to pay by PayPal. When paying by PayPal the purchase protection automatically applies.

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how do we protect your data?

We use a secure transmission protocol - the so called secure socket layer (ssl) -, to process personal data. All information sent by ssl will be encrypted when sending them via the internet. Read more...

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Important Notes

This guarantee covers only purchases with your credit card or direct debit, which had been placed via our secure server. The guarantee covers the amount guaranteed of 50 EUR. In any case of fraudulent use of your credit card or bank account your will have to inform the credit card acquirer respectively your bank according the provisions referred.

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