Damage in Transport

In spite of all our efforts, there can sometimes be events resulting in damage of your parcel and your ordered items. Despite careful packing damages in transit can be never completely excluded due to the put fully automatic dispatch systems and improper treatment.

Missing Items

If there are any items listed in the invoice but they had not been in the parcel, they usually had not been available immediately and will be shipped separately. In such cases you will always find a repsective notice on the invoice. If there is not such notice, it might be, that the items was lost during transport (please check the parcel for any possible damages in transport) or it is a mistake of our distribution center. Please inform us as soon as possible and we will take the necessary steps.

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What to to in the Event of Damages in Transport?

All items are check and packed carefully by our staff. If there should receive a damaged item, please insist on a damage report by the carrier. Hidden damages in trasport must be reported within five working days upon receipt of the parcel. Later reported damages are not recognized by the carriers. Therefore: Always check the goods immediately upon receipt. If you should detect any damages, please call our German-speaking staff +49 (0)3533/519510 or send an email to info@budoten.com.

Inform us anyway immediately about the damage by email, phone or fax.

phone: +49 (0) 3533-519510

fax: +49 (0) 3533-4890585

email: info@budoten.com

We will discuss the wherewithal. Never send damaged in transit goods back on your own, since damages in transport can not be proved anymore and you as sender have prove, that the damage in transport did not occur at the return, what might be hard, if not impossible. In your own interest we urge to follow the procedure described above.

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Obviously damaged Parcels

In the event of already externally recognizable damages of the parcel you should - if ever possible - check the contents in the presence of the forwarding agent immediately for completeness and for unobjectionable composition. In this cases insist on a damage report by the carrier.

With your signature you acknowledge not only the reception of the goods, but the externally perfect condition of the packaging without any visible damages. Claims for damages in transport will be  excluded if you do not check the goods in presence of the carrier and report any damages in a damage report or you refuse the acceptance of the delivery due to the damage.

Please note: A reservation with regard to later complaints with respect to damages in transport or completeness at externally damaged shipments has legally no meaning.

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Hidden Damages in Transport

Goods shall be inspected immediately upon receipt. Hidden damages in transport (detected after acceptance of the parcel) must be reported within 5 (five) working days upon delivery. Later claimed damages due to handling in transport, are no accepeted by the insurances.

If the parcel was delivered by Deutsche Post (DHL, German Post):

Take the damage parcel to the next local post office, including the original packaging for a damage report by the post staff. If you should not be able to bring it to the next post office, you can present it the postman and hand it over to him including the original packaging (on receipt) for recording by the post distribution center. - read more about...

If the parcel was send by Deutscher Paketdienst (DPD, German Parcel Service):

Inform us by phone (see above) or write an email to: info@budoten.com

Please describe the damage as detailed as possible and keep the goods including the original packaging for checking the damage in transport. We will take the necessary steps and organize and arrange a pick up of the damaged goods by DPD - if necessary.

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Report of a Damage in Transport to the Post

Always claim the parcel immediately at the Post. (The deadline for damages in transport is usually not longer than 3-5 working days.)

You will have to bring the parcel (content + packaging) to the next local post office for the damage report.

Please note, that Post / Carriers usuall first do not accept the claim. Therefore: Please pay special attention to what you sign at the damage report.

  • If the parcel was externally visible damaged and you have signed the parcel as "received in perfect condition", any liability is excluded and the buck us up to you.

  • If there was not visible damage, the Post / carrier will usually refuse any liability by arguing, that as there was no externally visible damage, a damage in transport is impossible. Thus they try to imply, that the recipient had damaged the goods or the the sender had sent deliberately defect goods. Look for signs of external force on the parcel (light deformations etc.) and insist on including them in the damage report.

  • In many cases the staff of the Post / carriers check that the inner packaging was insufficient. Our packaging had proven in success over the years why damages in transport are quite rarely, thus damages in transport are almost exclusively due to improper handling.

If there should be any notice on the report which might influence the correct damage regulation, we recommend to add an additional notice with your opposing point of view before signing the damage report.

It is a time-consuming and laborious procedure, but the damage regulation of the carriers requires such a handling. In spite an existing transport insurance, they usually try to transfer the liability to the sender or recipient, in order to safe the money they would have to refund otherwise.

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