Guidlines for Product-Reviews

Please note, that there is a maximum length of your review of 10.000 characters (approx. 2.000 words). We recommend to write between 200 to 500 words.

Your review should contentrate on this certain product. Furthermore, you must enter a valid e-mail address. Your email-address will not be published but gives us the opportunity to contact you if necessary. The best reviews don't just say, whether the writer liked or disliked an item, but it will give reasons for. You can list other items too, whech are similar and compare it. Reviews which do not refer to the item or which violate our review-guidelines, will be not published or might be deleted at any time from our website. Please do not write more than one comment per item.

Budoten is delighted, that we can provide you with this platform, where you can tell your oppinion on you most favoured items (and items you don't like that much) to the public. Thank you very much for your interest in writing a customer review.

We want your comments to be heard - so to save time and effort, please note that we cannot post:

  • remarks on other reviews or parts of our website. These information are subject to be changed without prior notification

  • information on errors in our catalogue. If you would like to inform us on a certain problem or you need additional information on an item, please send an email to

  • content which might be considered defamatory, blasphemous, racist or incendiary

  • time-sensitive material (such as promotional tours, personal appearances, lectures etc)

  • single-word reviews, since we would like to get to know, why you've liked an item or not

  • remarks directed at other reviewers, authors or producers

  • phone numbers, postal addresses or URLs

  • availability, price or alternative ordering or delivery information

  • advertising of an own review

Reviews which do not comply with this guideline, will not be published or are subject to be deleted from the Budoten website anytime.


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