Back Order - What if an item is out of Stock?

When and how will you inform me?

If a certain item in your order should be out of stock, we do our best, to deliver your order as soon as possible. We will take this item into back order.

You will receive an immediate notification upon any information about a possible delay from our distribution center. We will inform you by email. Please note, that we can only send any information to you, if you enter a valid email-address when ordering.

We will inform you by email about estimated delivery time. Due to other adverse conditions (strike, problems with the customs, loss of goods etc.) there might be in certain cases additional delays, which we can not avoid. We check all back orders at least twice a week. And we will keep you informed. In some cases, when the estimated delay takes to much time, we may ask you, to order at a later time again, since we can not demand too much patience from you.

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Why are some items out of stock?

We have contracts with many suppliers, which claim partly exclusive distribution rights for certain goods in Germany (eg. brands like VANDAL, HAYASHI, TOPTEN, ADDIDAS, DANRHO, KWON, BUDOINTERNATIONAL). If you don't receive an item within short and we have to inform about a new, longer delivery time, this means, that this item is out of stock at the respective wholesaler / general importer as well and even he is waiting for new deliveries.

Some wholesaler (in particular with concern to the brands HAYASHI and TOPTEN) only restock 1 or 2 times a year, which might cause especially long delay times. We get many complaints by our customers concerning this situation. There is nothing more to be said. We totally agree.

Budoten, as reseller always strives to meet the interest of most customers. Therefore, if a customer orders a specific item, we will give him the opportunity to order it, even if this means, that he will have to wait a little bit longer in certain cases. If we delete these items from our supply completely, we can not satisfy those customers anymore, who want thies specific item. Those customers, who don't want to wait, they will find an other similar item, which will surely satisfy their needs and expectations.

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Why there are no individual delivery times for items on your website?

We would like to, but since the different distribution centers are not linked with each other plus the systems are not compatible, we don't have direct access to the stocks. Most of the items are available within the given delivery time; only some items are out of stock due to temporarily high demand.

Larger mat areas are produced for you as well as embroideries and imprints, which all require a longer delivery time. Certain import video will be ordered on customer request. The same applies to goods with the product-id 3* (among other VANDAL, Adidas, Fujimae). For those items we mainly can not fulfill short term customer requests.

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How may I get to know the shipping time for certain items?

In principle, a short email is the best way. As mentioned above, our distribution centers are not linked up with each other, so we will have to check the stock on our side first. For this reason, a call will usually take the same time as an email request and it will not fasten your answer.

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When will I receive items from back orders?

We always strive for our best, to ship any item from back orders as soon as possible. As already mentioned above, we can not influence the ordering behaviour and the stock warehousing of general importers. You will receive any item from the back order as soon as possible. As soon as they arrived at the general importer and made their way from his warehouse to Budoten, they are already on it's way to you.

At the invoice or in the back order email you will find an approximate delay time. In most cases we can send your item earlier, but in some cases later, unfortunately. This will mainly depend on the ordering behaviour of the general importers as well as adversities at transport.

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