How can I proove my legal age?

Many of the weapons in our oline store can be purchased only if you are older than 18 years. All of those weapons are legal within Germany. You don't need any license to purchase them in Germany. It might be that there are stricter laws within your country but Germany is known for one of the most restrictive weapon regulations in the world, so that the purchase is most probably legal in your home country. If you have any doubts about it, please contact your nearest police station to get further information.

Please note, that such articles will be shipped only after we received the age verification from you.

You can proove your age by :

  • by sending us a copy of a personal document
    e.g. identity card, passport, driving license or any other personal document (e.g. birth certificate)

The copy of your passport, identity card, driving license etc. you can send to (+49) 3533-4890585
(please select the fine- or photo-mode that your fax is readable)


as attachement by email (JPG-file if possible) to:
In order to create a JPG-file, you can scan your personal document or you take a photo with your cell phone)

If you would like to send it by postal mail:
Budoten Limited
Lindenweg 5
D-04910 Elsterwerda

The age verification is possible by other ways too:

  • in Germany you can use the Post-Ident-Service. This means that you identify yourself to the postman by presenting a personal document (e.g. identity card, driving license, passport) and your signature. The additional costs of this service (at the moment 9,50 €) we will charge on to you.

  • an official age verification. Hereby your presented personal document (identity card, driving license, passport, or others) will be certified by the office (i.e. town / city, notary). Usually you will have be charged for this service directly by the office.

Further Information


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(+49) 03533 4890585
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