Payment by Credit Card

We accept the following cardtypes: Mastercard (Eurocard), VISA, AMEX (American Express) and Diners Club.

When you have all items in your basket, you can go to the basket. At the next step of the ordering process you will have to enter your personal data. Now you will have to select the mode of payment. Select "credit card" if you would like to pay by credit card and enter your card details in the form.

We will ask for the following information: card number, card holder and expiry date. In addition to this we need the CVC2 secure code. Only by this secure code, which is not stored in the magnetic strip and is not printed on any receipts, we can verify the authenticity of your credit card. It is a required information at mailorders. You will find the CVC2 - code in the signature field on the backside of your card.

At VISA, Eurocard/Mastercard and DINERS it is a 3-digit number, which is to be found in the right upper corner of the signature field next to a possibly repeated cardnumber.

American Express is printing the 4-digit number front right of the card.

By checking this code we ensure, that no third person is misusing your credit card. Furthermore checking this code is obligatory at phone-/mailorders..

Finally you will get a summary of your order with all necessary information. If everything is correct, click on the button "send order now". That's it.

Besides: We will charge your credit card at shipping of the ordered goods.

As for customers in Germany we would like to point out, that we charge the credit card charge of 4% of the invoice total on to the customers. Thus we pass on the handling fee directly to the customer. To avoid this credit card charge, we recommend to pay by direct debit or prepayment. If you pay by direct debit or prepayment, there will be no additional fees.

As customers from outside Germany don't have the opportunity to pay by "direct debit" we don't charge this extra fee for customers from abroad.

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