Payment by Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.)

Please select the option "C.O.D." in the order form. C.O.D. surcharges are charged on to you, which will result in higher shipping costs. Thus we recommend to pay by credit card (for customers outside Germany) or by direct debit (for customers within Germany).

Any additional costs of cash on delivery (encashment fee and fee for money transfer) will be charged on to the customer. These costs amount from 4,60 Euro to 12,00 Euro. They will depend on the mode of shipping (carrier). DHL (German Post) charges an additional encashment fee of 2,00 Euro.

C.O.D. - shipping to eurogiro-countries are charged with 4,60 Euro. The money transfer from countries which do not participate in the eurogiro-procedure is charged with additional 6,00 Euro by DHL (total 10,60 Euro).

In general, for customers from other countries a delivery by C.O.D. would be possible, but due to rather high sidecosts for encashment and money transfer, we do not offer this mode of payment. As there are 10,60 Euro in addition to the shipping costs, we recommend our customers to choose other, better modes of payment instead e.g. credit card, prepayment or PayPal..

At payment by C.O.D. we always collect the order value total, even if some items are out of stock in time of delivery and will sent to you in a subsequent delivery. According our General Terms and Conditions all supplementary charges as for C.O.D. will be charged to the customer. Therefore we would have to charge the C.O.D. charges for each and every necessary subsequent delivery again, which would make your purchase order much more expensive. Thus we have decided in your interest to charge as a matter of principle always all ordered items with the first delivery. When you choose as payment option "credit card" or "direct debit" (only in Germany possible), we charge only the delivered items. Subsequent deliveries will be free of cost, i.e. they are free of any additional costs, neither for shipping nor for encashment.

Please note: Even if certain items of your order are not immediately available, you will have to pay the full order total as long as you don't cancel those items. This is finally an other mode of prepayment.
Only when paying by direct debit or credit card we charge only those items which are really shipped. For this reason we always recommend direct debit or credit card as mode of payment.

In case of non-acceptance of the delivery we will charge these costs on to you.

In your own interest: Ask for a receipt of your payment. Only with such a receipt you have later an evidence, that you have paid the money to the postman. The German Federal High Court had decided that there is no assumption in favour of the receiver, that he had paid the delivered goods at shipping with cash on delivery (case no: VIII ZR 369/04). Such an assumption is unkwon to the current law. In the decided case a computer seller had delivered goods by cash on delivery to a customer. According the merchant the goods had been handed over by accident without collecting the money. The customer denied the open invoice.  The German Federal High Court decided the customer would have to prove, that he had paid the computer.

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