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Due to many bad experiences we have limited the option to pay by invoice. You can get to know more information in our FAQ Payment by Invoice. Charge free and equally safe you can pay by credit card or by direct debit. Answers on your questions about data security you will find by the keyword safety guarantee.

Paying by invoice is only possible if the goods' total does not exceed 30 € and invoice and delivery address are located in Germany.

Choose "invoice" as mode of payment in the order form. You will get an invoice together with the delivery, which you will have to pay by money transfer to our account. If the order total exceeds 30 € you can not select "invoice" as mode of payment anymore.

We ask you to use always your customer id and the invoice no. as application purpose (at prepayment your order-id is the application purpose), which you find in the header of your invoice.

Please note: Payment by invoice is only possible for deliveries within Germany. Furthermore: delivery address and invoice address must be the same. Only private customers may order by invoice. Therefore: Don't fill out the field "company" in the order form. And: Payment by invoice is only possible for customers, from the age of 18. Any digital product and gift certificates may not be paid by invoice.

When paying by invoice we charge the following extra fees:

  • complete shipping one time1,50 EUR
  • separate shipping 1,50 EUR per delivery (plus shipping costs).

If you wish separate deliveries it might be that the invoice charge is not shown correctly. As matter of principle: 1,50 EUR per package.

The invoice surcharge of 1,50 EUR (complete shipping one time, separate shipping per delivery) will be refunded only when the goods are defect or there was a mistake of our distribution center.

At payment by invoice we are checking and evaluating your data especially carefully. For justified reasons we will use exchange information with economic inquiry offices. The result might have influence on the mode of payment, but will not effect the delivery itself. We reserve the right to not accept payment by invoice for certain orders. In such rare cases we recommend you to change your mode of payment as e.g. to credit card or cash on delivery (C.O.D.) resp. PayPal. At payment by invoice the invoice total is due immediately upon delivery. Read more about in our terms and conditions.

We ask for your understanding for the set limitations for payment by invoice. For unlimited shopping pleasure we recommend payment by direct debit (within Germany) resp. credit card (abroad).

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